Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction 

Have you ever been frustrated why your penis or manhood just does not stand strong when it needs to enter your partner straight through the squeezing vaginal muscles? Don’t you ever want to pump your semen all the way up to the zona pellucida of her egg for ultimately impregnating her? Well, if you struggle to keep your penis hard for more than 1 minute, you might have a sexual disorder known as ED or Erectile Dysfunction. Don’t fret over or get afraid and anxious over ED. 

At Sanjeevani Clinic, our best sexologist in Amritsar helps you out by providing you with the best natural Ayurvedic treatment. 

Did you know that attaining an erection is not as a piece of cake as you thought! It is a complex process involving your brain, hormones, muscles, blood-vessels, and sound & proper mental health. An issue in any of these mentioned organs leads to a failure in keeping your penis at 90 degrees! The physical factors include low testosterone levels, diabetes, obesity, spinal injury, and excessive alcohol abuse among others. Psychological factors causing ED involve depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship problems. 

As per our best Ayurvedic sexologist in Amritsar, it is termed ‘Klabiya’ in Ayurveda. There is a strong belief that ED can also be caused by an excessive intake of salt, sugar, sour, or savory food. So, next time if you crave too much pizza, burger, or potato chips and finger-fries, just be warned that it might lead to ED! Shocking, right? Let us help you out through Ayurveda. 

According to the best sex-specialist doctor in Amritsar, a healthy mind is vital during your physical activity, and so an imbalance in the Vata Doshas plays a key role. You should be aware that an increase in Vata Doshas leads to jealousy, confusion, fear, anger, and intoxication. Did you know that these negative emotions ultimately cause excessive palpitation and sweating during intercourse and make one lose interest in their partner? 

So, a healthy mind and a balance of Vata Doshas are necessary for you not to get ED. In simple terms, keep your worries away if you have ED and try Ayurveda, which heals you from your core by rejuvenating & refreshing you. 

The best sexologist in Amritsar educates you about Erectile Dysfunction for your well-being. As per the knowledge of the best Ayurvedic sexologist in Amritsar, Dhajabhangaja Klabiya is seen in playboys and those who damage the penile tissue. Bhijopaghataja and Shukra Kshayaja Klabiya get characterized by reduced semen production, low sperm quality & count. Jaraja Klabiya occurs due to a diet deficit of essential nutrients. According to the best sex specialist doctor in Amritsar, these are the types of ED that any individual can contract. 

Ayurvedic treatment 

As per our best Ayurvedic sexologist in Amritsar, herbs get used in the treatment of ED. These include Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Safed Musali, Gokshura, and Tulsi Beej. 

Come to us at Sanjeevani Clinic to get appropriately treated if you have ED.