Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation 

Do you tend to ejaculate a bit earlier than you expected? Does your partner get frustrated that you attain orgasm much earlier than needed while her body is still reaching the golden threshold? Do not pick up a fight over this with her as it might lead to unintentional emotional traumas. Also, please do not think it is normal. Diagnose your condition. You might have the dreaded premature ejaculation condition. 

Our best sexologist in Amritsar highlights this condition as effectively treatable using the natural Ayurvedic method. As per the best sex specialist doctor in Amritsar, Premature Ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation shortly after the intercourse begins. The best Ayurvedic sexologist in Amritsar outlines the conditions and treatment procedures for Premature Ejaculation. 

Did you know that your normal sexual ejaculation has two phases? 

During emission, the vas deferens or the sperm tubes contract to squeeze the sperm toward the base of the penis through the prostate gland. Here, the seminal vesicles release secretions that mingle with sperm to make semen, and the ejaculation is unstoppable at this stage. 

During the ejaculation phase, the muscles at the base of the penis contract semen out resulting in ejaculation and orgasm. However, the orgasm is a wonderful phenomenon that occurs without the much-needed semen delivery as well, and the erection gets lost following the ejaculation process. 

The best sexologist in Amritsar educates you on everything you need to know about sex as most people struggle with a lack of proper knowledge. According to the best sex specialist doctor in Amritsar, prolonged masturbation might result in developing a habit of premature ejaculation, which can then be hard to reverse back. Sex awareness is important, which illuminates the significance of sex education as per the best Ayurvedic sexologist in Amritsar. 

Unfortunately, the exact reason behind Premature Ejaculation is unknown. However, studies highlight that it is related to Serotonin. High amounts of serotonin in the brain are found to slow down the ejaculation time and low amounts cause Premature Ejaculation. Did you know that several psychological factors lead to Premature Ejaculation? These include depression, stress, unrealistic expectations about the performance, a history of sexual repression, and an overall lack of confidence while doing sex. 

Are you the kind of person who does not talk to or cuddle with your partner after you have sex? Surprise! You might get Premature Ejaculation as these emotions can hurt your feelings, which results in unresolved conflicts, which interfere with the ability to achieve emotional intimacy. In some other cases, Premature Ejaculation gets caused by accidental nerve damage, hormonal imbalances, or side-effect of certain medicines. 

Ayurvedic Treatment 

Since Premature Ejaculation gets caused by aggravated Vata wherein the Prakupita Vata enters into the Shukra Dhathu and causes early ejaculation, the line of treatment includes administration of Vajeekarana and Shukrasthambaka dravyas or oushadhis. Therapies include Abhyanga swedanam, Virechanam, Elakizhi, Pizhichil, Vasti, and Uttara Vasti treatments. 

Sanjeevani Clinic 

We treat your Premature Ejaculation condition through the expertise of the best sexologist in Amritsar.